Artlinc Spotlight: Monica Ashley Brown

One of the main goals of Artlinc is showcasing local talent. Every year new artist come out and showcase their skills with the concrete as their canvas. Usually once new artist come out they do so every year and give us something new each time. With this spotlight we are showcasing Monica Ashley Brown, an Artlinc artist who has been apart of the festival since 2016.

“I always drew as a little girl but I watched my father draw and that interested me. If I had to classify my art style it would fall under expressionism. I use everyday life and experiences as inspiration. I don’t study any artists really but I view many artists work on Instagram and draw inspiration from them as well. I Iove the artist Brionya James. I do music as well.. Singing and some lyricism. I post my work on my Instagram page @thevanilladutchess and my art fb page “Indigo Love’s Visual Stimuli.” -Monica Ashley Brown


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