Artlinc Spotlight: Nancy Marine

Some artist have the ability transform everything they do into an art form that is interactive….and that is Nancy Marine. Every year she creates a piece that not only highlights her artistic style but every piece is interactive from the chalk art to the scarecrow with the budget of chalk in its hand. Here’s a spotlight to one the most creative artist in the area.

State your name and where your are from:

My name is Miss Marine, I am your Art Room Queen. Ok it sounds better as when I sing it, but you get the point.

I was originally born in California, sunny San Diego to be exact, which causes people to tilt back their head and sigh, “Ooohh”, as if my west coast, counter-culture birthplace explains my quirky personality. But we moved away from the west coast to the ‘best small town in the South’ (Southern Living’s designation, not mine.), Aiken,SC, when I was in the second grade, so California is not entirely to blame.

What started you down your artistic journey?

Everyone starts an ‘artistic journey.’ Some of us stray so far from it that we don’t recognize ourselves as artists anymore. That’s where I come in.

I followed the same path I see some of my elementary students on: endlessly copying and re-drawing the same images over and over again, (it was horses for me), making my own comic books from notebook paper stapled in the middle (I’ll let you read “The Six Million Dollar Mare” sometime—I still have it.), and coloring my hair and dressing like a freak in clothes I altered somehow with paint or glitter glue or…whatever.


How do you classify your art or art style?

Playful and interactive—that’s me. I loved pop-up books—I still do. Anything interactive, like displays at museums where you lift a handle to reveal the answer or push a button to make something happen. So fun. My art is fun.
Most artists are offended if a viewer says “I could do that,” when they see their work. That’s EXACTLY what I want you to say when you see my work. Then I want you to go and be the artist you used to be.

You can follow me on Facebook as Nancy Marine or on Instagram as coasterchick64.

My next upcoming gig is my 22nd season the Art Room Queen at Killian Elementary for the 2019-2020 school year. But you might see me around town, too…if you can recognize me.

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