Artlinc Spotlight: Dave Robbins

One of the many pleasures of Artlinc is having artists bring their visual art style to the concrete or asphalt… And that’s what Dave Robbins does. Watching the process of Dave laying down the surfaces in chalk, to the clouds and tree limb overlays has been awesome to watch. It’s humbling to have an artist like Dave be apart of Artlinc. We caught up with Dave to ask him about his journey.

Where are you from? -Greensboro, NC

What lead you down your artistic path, how did your journey begin?

-I’ve always liked making things and working with my hands. I was a decent student, but always felt like I was there because I was supposed to be. Once I realized that there was much more to life than being successful socially and financially, it opened me up to doing the things that made myself happy.

How would you describe your style?

-With my paintings, I typically produce landscapes. I’m a horticulturist for a living, so I’m outdoors most of the time. I think my work tends to be more minimal. I typically use cool tones and earth tones. Sometimes what I produce seems kind of dark. But I like to refer to it as moody. Tranquil.

Your art work is center around tree limbs, mystic skies, and horizons that are beautifully done… What took to that direction with your artwork?

-I like giving the viewer an image to peer in to, and try and decipher what’s going on. “Where is this place? Why does it look familiar? I wish I was there”. Or, “I know where that is”. I’ve been there”. Maybe they want to go back to that place?

What is your medium oil or acrylic? -Acrylic.

What are the difference in painting your work on canvas vs a concrete surface?

-Canvas is familiar, and predictable. There’s less elements that you have to deal with than when working on concrete or asphalt.

Along with your visual art talent you are also an artist with gardening, how did that journey start for you?

-I was very close to my grandparents, who introduced me to growing different plants. I developed an interest very early in life. It’s something I’ve always carried along with me and eventually turned into a career. Creating art based upon my surroundings just seemed like the most natural thing to do.

Do you have any up and coming shows?

-None currently scheduled. I’ve been taking a bit of a break to spend time on focusing on producing new pieces.

-I’m currently represented at Over the Mantel Gallery in Columbia. My paintings and other endeavors can be seen on my Instagram page @davwaynerobbins Also on my Facebook page

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