Artlinc Spotlight: Reflections African Jewelry, LLC

This spotlight is on one of our vendors, Sheinata Carn-Hall of Reflections
African Jewelry LLC, who has been in operation for over 20 years! Read about her journey and success!

Where are you from?
Charleston, SC

Tell us about your journey and what lead up to this path with your
jewelry making journey?

I began making jewelry in 1997 while attending The University of South
Carolina. I moved off of campus when I was a sophmore and needed money
for grocery and gas so I decided to make and sell African jewelry on
USC’s campus, Benedict college campus, the neighborhoods on Rosewood Dr.
and the neighborhoods that surrounded Benedict college. During this time
I became a member of The Five Percent nation in Columbia. With the
combination of information that I learned from this group and being a
Gullah Geechee from Charleston which is full of African culture it
empowered me to birth Reflections African Jewelry LLC. After I graduated
and I got a reading from a Yoruba Priest and was told that my ancestors
wanted me to continue creating and selling my jewelry. That it was my
gift that I needed to share with the world and as long as I did it I
would have everything that I needed in life. After i graduated I went
back home to Charleston and started my business at The Charleston City
Market. I sold my handcrafted African jewelry there for 16 years.

The first time we met you was in 97 I think you were introduced as
Reflection. Is that where the name of your business comes from?

Yes the name of business comes from the attribute that I obtained while
being a member of The Five Percent Nation. An attribute is a word that
describes a natural characteristic of a person’s being. And I used that
natural characteristic that was within me to manifest Reflections
African Jewelry LLC. It is a creative expression that is a
representation of me and my African culture. Many people still call me

The first time I saw your jewelry was at The Charleston City Market in
2004 or 2005, so I know you have been dedicated in your craft making for
some time. How long has Reflections African Jewelry LLC been in

Reflections African Jewelry has been in operation for 19 years in
Charleston, SC. If you add the years when I started out of my backpack
in Columbia, SC then it will be 22 years. It went through a few
transformations before I got to The Charleston City Market.

What is your process when it comes to creating your art? What or where
does the inspiration comes from?

I have no particular process when it comes to creating my works of art.
Most of the time I just use the top of a tote fill it up with all kinds
of exciting African beads. Then I just look and imagine the possibilities
of what I can create. I love working with beads of unique textures,
shapes, designs, colors and symbolism. My inspiration is the indigenous
tribes of Africa. The tribes that have kept the Sacredness of their
being. I enjoy looking at pictures and have a collection of many books
dedicated to showing the true African culture like Africa Adorned. They
inspire and encourage me to capture the essence of the culture through
my African Art Jewelry. That is why most of the pieces that I design are
one of a kind.

What is the key to your longevity?

The key to my longevity comes gratitude. I am grateful everyday for the
gift that I am able to share with the world. And I understand that they
are not just pieces of adornment but symbols of resilience and power.
There are countless stories that I can share about customers who have
came back and told me how one of my jewelry pieces are connected to some
type of significant life experience where hope and faith was required.
For them to think of my jewelry as being apart of an experience that
they overcame is mind blowing but then it humbles me. When I sit and
think to myself I am always amazed at the fact that I can bring a
thought to life in a creation and it can become apart of a person’s life
experience for the better.

Where can people see and find out more about you and Reflections African
Jewelry LLC?

The places to find out more would be my Website, Facebook & Instagram.
Check my events. I pop up at a variety of local markets downtown
Charleston on Saturdays and/or Sundays. I also have an office on King
St. where I sell and consult with clients about custom designs and do
African Waistbead fittings by appointment only W-F 10-3pm. You can visit
my website to book an appointment. In December I am going to start a
monthly event in Charleston called the “African Waistbead Party”. It is
going to be an event dedicated to the empowerment of African American
Women.These events will be centered around positive self worth,
spiritual growth, womb wellness, sacred dance, sacred adornment and
connecting to our feminine energy. You can keep up to date by following
my business on social media.
Facebook: @reflectionsafricanjewelryllc
IG: @reflectionsafricanjewelryllc


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